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This incredibly special project came from a theatre group Light and Lark, who wanted to bring mums together to talk about their own infant feeding stories, and providing workshops and a safe space. In the year 2022 there will be a theatre production based on the parents experiences.

Having illustrations of a wide range of ethnicities was integral to the promo flyers, as its so important to hear about womens experiences across cultures and to have everybodies voice heard. Amplify the many diverse experiences of infant feeding. Whatever the feeding methods, relationship status, gender or sexuality.

I chose Brand colour, created flyers and posters, used hand-drawn type, and created illustrations to use for print and on social media.

"Tamsyn worked with us on creating some gorgeous inclusive images to help us market our project Milk Monologues. The brief we gave her was to use different infant feeding methods, whilst also considering diversity in terms of skin tone, disability, gender and sexuality.

We found Tamsyn to be friendly yet highly professional, open and honest about timescales and costs, and able to take on constructive criticism when amendments were required. 

As well as the images she created, Tamsyn also designed a beautiful poster with hand-drawn text, to our specifications. This required a fair bit of going forwards and backwards to meet our needs and she was amendable and flexible at all times. We would have no reservations in working with Tamsyn again."

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