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Colourful hand lettering showing layout and typography skills.

Most of the time, the people I work with would rather keep everything in-house - hiring loads of different people to sort out their visual identity can be a pain. The thing is, though, your wonderful in-house staff might not have the experience to keep a consistent tone that fits in with the rest of your brand


When it comes to illustration & graphic design, you might find it tricky to pin down the specifics of what you need. Maybe it’s a logo, a broader brand bible, illustrations and / or full designs for printed bits like leaflets & posters or digital bits like social media graphics - it could be all of the above.

I’ve also worked on slightly more unusual projects, like seasonal window displays, murals, product designs, personal art commissions, old image restoration, small business collabs, or ongoing consultancy work.

Whatever it is, I’m sure I can help - if not, I’ll try to find someone who can.

Sub-heading 'Logos and branding'.

Whether it’s your entire identity in a neat little image or a broad brand bible to cover everything visual you plan on making, this is the graphic designer’s bread & butter. Tell the world what you’re all about while enticing your customers.

Sub-heading 'Colabs'.

Are you another small business? Let’s create something awesome together.

Sub-heading 'illustration'.

This is where you get to stretch those creative muscles (or ask me to do it for you!). Here, we can work together on anything from window displays and maps and murals  and personal commisions. You’ll find my Little Houses series here.

Sub-heading 'Consult'.

Need a helping hand more often than not? Find yourself stuck on a project? I’m ready to be on call.

Sub-heading 'Marketing'.

Your brand identity can extend beyond a logo & colour palette. Have you considered a series of illustrations throughout your marketing materials and social media graphics? Posters, flyers, leaflets, business cards? How about gift vouchers, menus, or POS items?

Sub-heading 'Image edits'.

Restoring old photos or getting artwork print-ready.

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